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READY to lead Sail?


our mission

Help people around the world discover freedom through sailing

It is an adventurous yet fruitful mission that our team is deliciated to commit.


Freedom is happiness, where we can be truly  ourselves, be who we are, do what we want and be accepted no matter where we are.


If you have it in you to bring enjoyment through the sea, come join us! 

discover sailing asia Family


Core Values


Create an enjoyable memories for everyone

Benefits working with us

Fulfil your needs 

A holistic approach to balance work and your life. Our family and health matters, and we will try our best to support your duty as a spouse, as a child, as a parents.  Here in DSA, we want to expand our knowledge and create opportunities for all and spread our culture across the world.

Maternal Leave

Maternal Leave

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Sailing Allowance

Sailing Allowance

Learning Incentive

Learning Incentive

Overseas Visit

Overseas Visit

Building Bonds that last.


We Sail. We serve. 


Ready? Let's set Sail together


Available Roles

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Yacht Captain

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Come Join Us

See you onboard!

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