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  • Sailcation Featured on Expat Living!

    We were really excited to host Leanda Rathmell from Expat Living. The day started out a little cloudy. However, we got really lucky with strong winds that sent our boat heeling (when the boat tilts at an angle due to the winds in the sails). We had to take special care to ensure our drinks didn't spill! Leanda also got her hand at the wheel. She took to it really quickly and steered us towards the Southern Islands effortlessly. When we reached the Lazarus beach, Leanda and her friends changed into their swimsuits and decided to kayak to the beach with a couple drinks! Read more about Expat Living's Sailcation experience at this link!

  • Featured on The Straits Times!

    Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Boon Chan on our wildly popular 2D1N Sailcation cruise as a part of the Suite Life weekly series on different staycations in Singapore. We faced stormy weathers in the beginning but thankfully it soon started to clear up and he was able to get a full experience with some kayaking. He even got the chance to get behind the wheel! Photo courtesy of Theon Aw Read more about his experience here!

  • Discover Sailing Asia on Frontline 前线追踪; SGRediscover

    How is Discover Sailing Asia preparing for SG Rediscover? In collaboration with EU Holidays, we answer this question to the folks at Frontline 前线追踪.

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  • Corporate Sailing Program | DiscoverSailingAsia

    cORPORATE sailing program Embark on one of the world's most exciting team meetings. Come aboard, hoist the mainsail, learn sailing knots, and more! Bring your team together in a fun and challenging environment with our corporate sailing program. Leave the office behind and head to the seas for a truly memorable corporate event! CORPORATe SAILING PROGRAM As Sailing requires keeping the boat afloat and smooth navigation on waters, it is important to monitor and control several aspects like wind conditions, steering, and keeping a look-out. Sailing boosts one's ability to focus and concentrate, which is perfect for those who need to deal with multiple tasks in their daily lives. Built a stronger team with our corporate sailing program now! DURATION: 5 HOURS more info Back to Top

  • Singapore Yacht Holiday | DiscoverSailingAsia

    Adventurers, welcome back on board! MOH COVID-19 advisories still apply. Please help keep our crew safe by wearing a mask when not eating or drinking. You may refer to this link for more information. singapore Want to explore Singapore beyond the grand skylines and mega shopping malls? Why not wander off the beaten path to one of Singapore's many islands? ​ Come visit some of the offshore islands tucked away in the South - like Lazarus and St John's Island! Imagine pristine sands and secluded beaches, hidden gems with a deep history - each one covered in a plethora of flora and fauna. ​ If you're feeling adventurous, embark on your own adventure with a professional sailing crew to Tioman Island. There you can sail, dive and snorkel with the local creatures, or kick back and relax in the full wonder of a tropical paradise. SAILCATIONS 2D1N Southern Island Sailcation Spend a night under the stars away from the city buzz on this sailing escapade where a pristine beach awaits. Enjoy an exciting sail where the winds pulling the sail taut can lead to the boat slanting at a 25 degree angle! Enjoy the cool ocean breeze in your hair with your loved ones or watch your captain expertly manoeuvre the boat. You may even get a chance to take the wheel! From SGD1,505 more info 3D2N Ultimate southern islands sailing adventure Do you want to see more than just the Lazarus Island or have an extended adventure away from the city buzz? Come with us to see Pulau Hantu, an island teeming with wild marine life from clownfishes to corals. Catch a glimpse of the Raffles Lighthouse from sea. Enjoy an extended exhilarating sail where the rush of winds pulls you forward onto your destination. You might even try your hand at steering the boat towards your first stop with some guidance from our friendly captains. From SGD4,137.20 more info 2D1N Pulau UBIN sAILING ADVENTURE Wanting a gateway from city? On this sailing adventure to Pulau Ubin, where mangrove forests await, you will spend a night beneath the stars away from the city. Furthermore, a trip to Pulau Ubin will allow you to enjoy nature while also transporting you back in time to 1960s Singapore. From SGD1,805 more info DAY ADVENTURES Southern IslandS Discover Sailing Experience 3 Hours It’s time to escape the city and head out on an adventurous sail to Singapore’s secluded beaches on Lazarus Island. Experience the pull of the winds on the sails that can sometimes lead to the boat heeling to a 25 degree angle! Take a seat and watch our crew expertly set the sails. You may even get a chance to take the wheel. From SGD488.50 more info bubbles on board - southern ISLAND[4HR] 4 Hours Start the Year of Tiger with a Roar and s et sail in style on our Chinese New Year special; a four-hour sail with 12 bottles of bubbly! From SGD1388 more info Full day Lazarus Adventure 7 Hours Want a longer taster of sailing but not sure about an overnight stay? This trip is perfect for you! Get the full experience without having to spend the night on the boat! From SGD970 more info HAPPY HOUR ON THE ROCKS - SOUTHERN ISLAND[4HR] 4 Hours Kick off an awesome Tiger Year ahead and sail in style on our Chinese New Year special; a four-hour sail with 6 bottles of whiskey! From SGD1388 more info SET SAIL FOR HAPPY HOUR - SOUTHERN ISLAND[3HR] 3 Hours Celebrate Chinese New Year, escape the city and crack open some cold ones with your crew. Set sail in style on our Chinese New Year special; a three-hour sail with free-flow beer! From SGD1388 more info Back to Top

  • | DiscoverSailingAsia

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