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Unlike your typical boat rentals, DSA prides itself on its ability to create a one-of-a-kind experience by providing both moments of relaxation and learning opportunities. Our skippers provide newcomers with a first-hand experience of learning how to navigate the winds and manage the ropes while still leaving room for moments of serenity and peace on calm waters. 

We also offer American Sailing Association accredited sailing courses so you can learn how to sail and be the captain of your future adventures!

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competitive pricing

You get the best deal at the end of the day! With no pricing brokerage, we are able to provide discounts for the lowest price possible.

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instant bookings

Secure your next boat holiday with a click of a button! Just select the desired date on the calendar to book!

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flexible schedule

We are one of the few companies with daily charters including our wildly popular 2D1N Sailcations.

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adventures in 8 countries in asia

Having frequented over 10 different Asian countries, an adventure in the region is never hard to find.

Note: Max capacity is 5 pax for all trips until further notice

Our Favourite Ventures

Singapore Southern Islands Sailcation

SGD $2,889/Boat

Southern Islands Sailcation [2D/1N]


currently unavailable

SGD $1,712/Boat

Full Day Lazarus Adventure [7HR]


SGD $1,112.80/Boat

Southern Island Discover Sailing Experience [3HR]

SGD 2,728.50/pax

Bareboat Cruising Standard (ASA 103)

SGD 2,728.50/pax

Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard (ASA 101)

SGD 2,728.50/pax

Basic Coastal Cruising Standard (ASA 102)

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