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Whether you are a beginner learning how to sail or a veteran yachtsman / yachts women upgrading your seamanship and technique, we have a program for you! Discover Sailing Asia conducts American Sailing Association accredited sailing courses at 3 different levels from beginners to intermediary to expert. The courses put you on the road to ASA's International Proficiency Certificate which allows you to skipper and island hop in countries like US, Greece, Croatia and more!

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Basic keelboat sailing standard (ASA 101)

For Beginners

Always wanted to learn how to sail but not sure where to start? This is an American Sailing Association Accredited introductory course to sailing with no pre-requisites for perfect for beginners! Beginners are strongly encouraged to try and bring along their friends to form their own crew of at least 4. This course covers one module.


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Bareboat cruising standard (asa 104)

For Advanced

Do you want to take your sailing knowledge and expertise to the next level?  Want to skipper your own boat on a multi day adventurous journey to far off places? This American Sailing Association Accredited course is the highest level course that we offer. To take this course, you must have taken the Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard (ASA 101) and Basic Coastal Cruising Standard (ASA 103). You are strongly encouraged to form a crew of 4. This course covers one module.


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Basic coastal cruising standard (ASA 103)

For Intermediates

Not a complete beginner to sailing but not an expert yet either? This American Sailing Association Accredited intermediary course to sailing is the perfect way for you to hone your skills! This course covers one module and requires the completion of the Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard (ASA 101). You are strongly encouraged to form a crew of at least 4. 


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Grommet! Kids Sailing Course

For kids

Introducing GROMMET! Grommet refers to young, adventure-seeking people! Designed for kids aged 7 years old and up, GROMMET! is a fun, adventurous, and educational programme that will introduce the art of sailing to young explorers. Where adventure meets courage and discovery, kids will pick up invaluable skills like responsibility, problem-solving and teamwork as they take up new challenges and explore what it takes to be a sailor.


GROMMET! welcomes all kids on board, with no prior sailing experience necessary. If you're looking to go on an adventure like no other, make new friends, learn exciting new skills and have a great time, GROMMET! is the place to be! 


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