DSA International Bareboat Skipper Program

The Discover Sailing International Bareboat Skipper course is a four-day course. It is not for beginners and the recommended entry-level requirements are an International Crew Course and over 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea with a minimum of 8 night sailing hours. The recommended minimum age to obtain this certification is 18.

Those who have obtained the International Bareboat Skipper qualification can obtain a Hong Kong Marine Department issued Private Vessel Operators Licence Level 2 after passing 2 theory exams conducted by the Hong Kong Marine Department. 

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What to Anticipate:

Students will participate and learn to be a skipper / captain aboard a 30ft - 45ft sailing cruiser.

During the course, students will complete a pre-course study 4 on-the-water training sessions. At the end of the course, there will be a written exam and successful candidates will receive a Discover Sailing Asia Skipper's certificate upon completion.


Discover Sailing Asia International Crew + 250nm and 10 days at sea with at least 8 hours of night sailing


Courses are conducted Year-round 


  • Command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 metres

  • In coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore

  • In daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions

  • This certificate is the level of competence that one needs when chartering a boat in the Mediterranean or West Indies where there are restrictions in terms of cruising area and distance from the base and the vessel has to be safely moored in a marina or anchored before dark

course outline 

  • Responsibilities of a bareboat skipper

  • Crew safety checks

  • Hull and rig checks

  • Machinery and systems checks

  • Fuel and water capacity and range

  • Menus and quantities

  • Float plan

  • Sources of meteorological information

  • Weather patterns

  • Sea and land breezes

  • Cloud types and formations

  • Pilotage and passage planning

  • Considerations when planning a passage

  • Routine for navigating a coastal passage

  • Passage strategy

  • Port regulations, customs, immigration

  • Pilotage plans

  • Vessel handling in confined quarters

  • Mooring, anchoring, coming alongside

  • Ropes, knots, care and use of lines

  • General deck work

  • Tides and currents theory

  • Tidal heights, springs and neaps

  • Rule of “twelfths”

  • Position fixing, running fixes

  • Plotting the effect of tides and currents

  • Collision regulations

  • Lights, shapes and sounds

  • Application of the regulations

  • Advanced dingy handling

module outline:

  • Module 1 - Nautical Terminology

  • Module 2 - Personal Safety Equipment

  • Module 3 – Boat Safety Equipment

  • Module 4 – Vessel Checkout – Documentation, Charts, Nautical Publications and Flags, Registration/ships papers, passports/visas, insurance papers, nautical qualifications, VHF Radio Operators License, VHF Radio equipment, crew list/logbook, equipment manuals, nautical charts, nautical publications.

  • Module 5 – Vessel Checkout – Equipment & General Hull and rig checks, navigation lights and electronic equipment, safety equipment, housekeeping items, dinghy, float plan, departing marina or dock.

  • Module 6 –Basic Rope work

  • Module 7 - Refueling

  • Module 8 – Man-Overboard Procedures

  • Module 9 – Capsizing, Swamping & Sinking

  • Module 10 – Anchors, Anchoring and Running Aground, Anchors and your boat, laying a second anchor, kedging, fouled anchor, running aground (groundings)

  • Module 11 – Responsibilities of the Crew, Care of the Environment, Provisioning & Housekeeping

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