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Discover Sailing Asia’s Racing Clinic training is perfect for anyone with some basic sailing knowledge, intending to learn more about the technical aspects of sailing and racing.


Learn first-hand from Steve Mcconaghy, a professional sailor and tactician from Sydney. A 3 times World 11m Champion, Steve also represented Australia at the 1996 Summer Olympics. He has run many yachting programs in Australia and overseas, including extensive experience in Asia. Steve will be leading the 2-days training for the Racing Clinic, prior to the race!

Per pax:


Min. 8 pax to form a team.



Training Dates:

  • 23 - 24 July 2022

Racing Dates:

  • 23 - 24 July 2022

outline of racing clinic:

  • 16-17 July 2022: Training (9AM to 1PM, 2PM to 6PM)

  • 23 July 2022: Pre-race practice and revision

  • 24 July 2022: Race at Singapore Regatta


  • Regatta participation fees and entry fee

  • Race boat charter for all 4 days

  • Discover Sailing Asia Long Sleeve Crew T-shirt

  • Regatta opening party at Changi Sailing Club

  • Regatta closing and prize-giving ceremony at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club


Module 1: Sail handling and advanced sail trim


  • Types of Spinnakers and Spinnaker Cuts

  • Hoisting both Asymmetrical and Symmetrical spinnakers

  • Gybing Asymmetrical Spinnakers

  • Gybing Symmetrical Spinnakers

  • Leeward drops

  • Windward drop

  • Gybe drop (Kiwi / Mexican drop)

  • Letterbox drop

  • String drop (Theory)

  • Spinnaker Stay Sails (Theory)



  • Main Sheet and Traveller

  • Halyard Tension and Cunningham

  • Vang and Outhaul

  • Mainsail Twist

  • Understanding polar diagrams, wind direction and boat speed



  • Types of Jibs (Pros and Cons)

  • Jib Trim

  • Halyard Tension

  • Jib Cars

  • Leech and Foot Lines

  • Jib / Main Slot

  • Use of Jib Downwind


Rigging and Backstay

  • Spreaders and Rig Tuning

  • Vs and Ds

  • Forestay and Backstay(s)

  • Mast Bend

  • Mast Rake

  • Mast Shims


Module 2: Racing Tactics and Strategy

Crew Work

  • Crew positions and scope

  • Boat Trim

  • Positioning

  • Communication


Race Starts and Courses

  • Starting Sequences

  • Types of race courses

  • Course markings

  • Racing Rules of Sailing

  • Handicap and Boat Ratings, Corrected Time


Race Practice

  • Mock race (Windward / Leeward course)

  • Olympic Trapezoid

  • Island courses


  • Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard (ASA 101)

Note that photographs and videos taken during the course may be used for training and marketing purposes.

*Please refer to the Terms & Conditions here

*For FAQ, click here.

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