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Ishigaki - Keelung Friendship Regatta - Offshore Sailing Experience

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Awesome bluewater sailing and offshore experience for the group that went to Taipei / Ishigaki to take part in this Annual regatta. The 136nm bluewater passage took us about 25hrs to complete and we had everything from mirror like conditions to galeforce wind as we went rocketing into Ishigaki in the last couple of hours of the race with 30knt gusts. 

Memories of waking up to hoist the spinnaker on a Beneteau 40.7 in the middle of the Japan sea at 1am in the morning in 15knts of true, sitting on a mirror-like glassy sea just 2 hours later, this is something you'll never experience sailing 5 miles from the coast. You gotta go out there and live it.

Well done and a pat on the back for the Offshore Bluewater sailing virgins that joined us for this one... ;) wet, cold, tired and miserable - loving it!

More pictures from the event can be viewed on our facebook post


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