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Discover Sailing Asia Gets Interviewed with CNA938

On the 18th of September, DSA had the honor of being interviewed on CNA938's Morning Show, Money Mind - speaking about Staycations at Sea. Our CEO, Chong Wei Yong, spoke on numerous topics pertaining to yacht cruises that have both been a blessing and a curse to travel.

He highlighted the unique experience that came with sailing and the sudden appreciation that arose from it during the travel ban as more Singaporeans looked towards home for a unique travel experience. He noted that out of all our packages, it seems that our 2D1N Sailing Staycation package was at a tie with our 3HR Sailing Experience.

Wei Yong also touched on some personal stories such as his experience in sailing across different countries and his motivations for starting Discover Sailing Asia. He notes the difficulties COVID-19 has imposed upon the company but also highlights the joys of sailing that encourages him to continue sailing - much to the envy of the CNA hosts.

Overall, the 15-minute segment was a light-hearted and educational focus at the insights of running a yacht company amidst a pandemic. For the listeners who missed it, you can catch DSA's interview in the video below.

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