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Introducing GROMMET! Grommet refers to young, adventure-seeking people who love riding the waves! Designed for kids aged 7 years old and up, GROMMET! is a fun, adventurous, and educational programme that will introduce the art of sailing to young explorers. Where adventure meets courage and discovery, kids will pick up invaluable skills like responsibility, problem-solving and teamwork as they take up new challenges and explore what it takes to be a sailor.


GROMMET! welcomes all kids on board, with no prior sailing experience needed. If you're looking to go on an adventure like no other, make new friends, learn exciting new skills and have a great time, GROMMET! is the place to be! 

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Per pax:

SGD 248.40


  • 10AM to 2pm 

  • 3pm to 7pm

Classes are held whenever we have 4 students. ​

Class size is up to 6.

Please refer to the calendar for course dates.

If you would like to sign up for 3 pax or less, you may check the calendar for any slots for a combined class, or drop us a email at

If you want an exclusive boat for yourself, please check out our 4-Hour Discover Sailing Experience Package.

a grommet's adventure 

  • Time for some introductions! Get to know your friendly instructor, crew, and your fellow Grommets. 

  • Receive your nifty sailing experience workbook that includes 2 sailing module checklists, sailing tips and tricks, fun activities and much more!

  • Your safety is our number one priority. Before we set sail, we will run through a safety briefing where you’ll learn more about the safety equipment on board and the appropriate steps to take in the event of an emergency.

  • Once everyone has understood the safety briefing, it’s time to set sail towards the Southern Islands! On the journey there, you’ll get to experience what life as a sailor is really all about. From hoisting the mainsail to helming (steering) the sailboat at the wheel, you’ll not only get to have exciting hands-on experiences as you work closely with your fellow Grommets to sail your boat towards the Southern Islands but you’re guaranteed to have lots of fun while doing so too!

what you will learn:

Level 1

  • The History of sailing

  • Safety Equipment on board 

  • How to tie sailing knots such as the figure of 8 and bowline knots

  • How to steer the boat

  • Common Sailing Terms used on board 

  • How to furl/unfurl the jib and hoist the mainsail

  • How to tie a clove hitch

Level 2

  • Man overboard procedures

  • Strength and direction of the wind 

  • Tie a bowline knot

  • How to use a winch

  • How to tack and gybe

  • How to anchor a boat

  • Different sailing manoeuvres

What's included:

  • Full-coloured 20 Paged GROMMET! Sailing Experience Workbook with fun activities and sailing theory so you can revise what you learn even after the programme

  • Snacks  

  • Bottled Water

  • Fun and friendly instructors

More information on the course:

Students will participate and get a taste of what it's like to be a skipper/captain aboard a 30ft - 45ft sailing cruiser.

  • Classes will be conducted on our boats (For more information on what our boats look like refer to our Meet our Fleet page)

  • Upon completion, Grommets will receive a Discover Sailing Asia certificate and will be a Discover Sailing Asia certified sailor. 

Course run time:

10AM to 2PM 


3PM to 7PM


Courses are conducted Year-round 


Q: Does my child need to know how to swim?

A: No, they don’t. We will provide children with life jackets so even non-swimmers can become sailors safely! In fact they will be required to wear the life jacket on board at all times!


Q: Does my child need any sailing experience?

A: No, this was designed with beginners in mind so no experience is required!


Q: Does my kid need to wear any special sailing attire to participate on the day of this programme? 

A: No special sailing attire is needed. Simply come in comfortable clothes and shoes that you do not mind getting a bit wet. The best type of shoes would be water shoes which are non-slip and waterproof. However, these are not necessary. Remember to bring along a spare change of clothes just in case you decide to partake in any water activities once the boat docks at the Southern Island. 


Q: What should I bring along?

A: This is an outdoor water activity programme. Be well prepared with the following items:

  • Sunscreen 

  • Swimsuit

  • A change of clothes and waterproof shoes 

  • Towel

  • Sunglasses and cap to protect you from the sun

  • Any necessary toiletries 

  • Lots of energy and excitement! 


Q: Is there drinking water onboard?

A: Having loads of fun is bound to leave our sailors in need of a cool glass of water so fret not! We provide plenty of drinking water for all our adventurers on board. ​

Note that photographs and videos taken during the course may be used for training and marketing purposes.


*Please refer to the Terms & Conditions here

*For FAQ, click here.

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Full-coloured 20 paged The GROMMET! Sailing Experience work book

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