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6D5N Anambas Islands Short Getaway

Located 180 nautical miles northeast from Singapore in the middle of South China sea, the Anambas Islands is a secluded archipelago of pristine islands part of the Riau Province of Indonesia, or what we like to call paradise. A visit to the Anambas Islands will instantly relax your soul.

As it is not easily accessible, the Anambas Islands is under the radar of holidaymakers and we literally saw no one while we were there, except the occasional fishing boats passing by. As such, it is considered one of the most highly rated destinations for experienced sailors and divers all over the world.

Kindly note that prices are dynamic and subject to change depending on the boat you book and the season you book. 

A security deposit also applies depending on the boat you opt for.

More information on prices during the booking process. 


SGD$1,615.20/Pax (incl. GST)

(Min 6 Pax, Max 8 Pax)

Note: There will be additional 30% surcharge for bookings during Holiday Peak Season (Christmas, CNY, etc.)


max. capacity: 8 guests

What to anticipate:

Day 1, from 0900: 

Say hi to your crew at Keppel Bay and make yourself at home at the boat which will be with you for the next 3 days. Located 20km (12mi) off Singapore's south coast, it will take 3-4 hours for us to reach Nongsa Marina located at Batam. We will also clear immigration customs while there.

We will then take a break from sailing to enjoy a delicious lunch on shore at the restaurants there.

After lunch, we will then set off to Anambas Islands, which will take approx. 30 hours of non-stop sailing.

Day 2 - Pulau Ritan:

We will arrive at our first stop of the trip, Pulau Rintan, approx. in the evening. As everyone will be exhausted from the tedious sailing, we will go for a simple dinner and then rest for the night on the boat,

Day 3 - Pulau Ritan; Lintang Islands:

​Rise and shine, breakfast onboard the boat and when everyone is re-energised, we will do some water activities near our boats. This includes swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling and simple snorkelling. After which, everyone will take a bath and clean up before we set sail to Lintang Islands. This journey will only take 2 hours, so customers can enjoy the breeze and view of the clear waters on the way there. At Lintang Islands, we can then continue with more water activities or walk over to the beach for an evening stroll. At the end of the day, we will stay overnight at Lintang Islands.

Day 4 - Island Hopping

After a good night rest, everyone should be ready for a full day of adventure. We will leave our sailboat behind for today and travel around via dinghy that allows us to access the different beaches of the islands. We will hop around several islands and have some free-and-easy time for beach sports. Customers can choose to sun-tan on the beach, or try spotting washed ashore sea shells and sometimes even crabs. The more sporty customers can bring along their volleyball for a game of beach volleyball.

Day 5 - Goodbye to Anambas Islands

It is soon time for us to bid farewell to Anambas Islands and prepare for our return to Singapore. We will slowly sail back to Nongsa Point Marina, Batam.

Day 6 - Disembarkation

We will arrive at Nongsa Point Marina in the morning for port and custom clearance, before sailing back to Marina at Keppel Bay.

What's included:

  • Full-board meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • 1 set of linen/ pax / week (1 set = 2 sheets, 1 pillowcase, 1 blanket, 1 face towel, 1 bath towel and 1 beach towel)

  • Private cabins for a cosy time with your loved ones. For more information on our boats, refer to our Meet our Fleet page.

  • Snorkeling gear (Subject to availability)

  • Stand Up Paddle board (Subject to availability)

  • Kayak (Subject to availability)

*Please refer to the Terms & Conditions here

*For FAQ, click here.

*The menu is subject to change and will depend on what the captain can procure on the day of sailing. 

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