Image by Swapnil Bapat


Want to see Singapore beyond it's grandeur skylines and mega-shopping malls? Why not wonder off the beaten path to one of Singapore's many islands.

Come visit some of its offshore islands tucked away in the South - like  our Lazarus and St John's Island 

Imagine pristine beaches and secluded locations, hidden gems with deep a history - each one covered with a plethora of flora and fauna. 

Or if you're feeling adventurous, embark on your own venture with a professional sailing crew to Tioman (Malaysia).  There you can sail, dive and snorkel with the local creatures that stretch along the shore or kick-back and take in the full wonder of a tropical paradise.




Southern Island Sailcation

Spend a night under the stars away from the city buzz on this sailing escapade where a pristine beach awaits. Enjoy an exciting sail where the winds pulling the sail taut can lead to the boat slanting at a 25 degree angle! Enjoy the cool ocean breeze in your hair with your loved ones or watch your captain expertly manoeuvre the boat. You may even get a chance to take the wheel!




Ultimate southern islands sailing adventure

Do you want to see more than just the Lazarus Island or have an extended adventure away from the city buzz? Come with us to see Pulau Hantu, an island teeming with wild marine life from clownfishes to corals. Catch a glimpse of the Raffles Lighthouse from sea. Enjoy an extended exhilarating sail where the rush of winds pulls you forward onto your destination. You might even try your hand at steering the boat towards your first stop with some guidance from our friendly captains.



3HR Southern Island Discover Sailing Experience

3 Hours

It’s time to escape the city and head out on an adventurous sail to Singapore’s secluded beaches on Lazarus Island. Experience the pull of the winds on the sails that can sometimes lead to the boat heeling to a 25 degree angle! Take a seat and watch our crew expertly set the sails. You may even get a chance to take the wheel.


Full day Lazarus Adventure

7 Hours

Want a longer taster of sailing but not sure about an overnight stay? This trip is perfect for you! Get the full experience without having to spend the night on the boat!


Romantic sailing getaway


Escape the confines of your home and taste the fresh air with your partner on a romantic sailing cruise to the Southern Islands. Stand at the bow of your boat with your arms around your partner and feel the rush of the ocean breeze. You could even get the chance to take the wheel and steer yourselves to your island getaway.

From SGD599