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Is the stress from the hustle and bustle of life getting you down? Take a break on our Singapore Southern Island Yoga and Detox Cruise. Only 5 minutes away from the mainland, the pristine beaches are perfect for a serene and quality yoga retreat with the company of sun, sand and sea. 

This detox methods has enabled participants to feel lighter spiritually and mentally, and provides an excellent way to help one reflect and improve on oneself. You will be guided through this process with professionals who have been in this industry for years as you are surrounded by the calm waters and natural scenery, and at the end you will not only return with a newer state mind but a physical object to remind you of your growth.


SGD 680 (weekdays)

SGD 756 (weekends)


Kindly note that prices are dynamic and subject to change if booked for guests less than 5. More information on prices during the booking process. 

What to anticipate:

One week before: Commencement of the detox diet

  • You will be added into a group chat that with your facilitator who will guide you through this process

  • Do anticipate weight measurements before and after this trip to track your progress, as well as images of your daily meals to ensure you are kept on track. All images and exchanges between you and your facilitator will be kept strictly confidential and will not be used without your permission.

  • As it will be your own personal journey these details will be kept strictly confidential


Day 1, from 1700: 

  • Enjoy scenic views of our coasts and islands as we depart the Marina for Lazarus island

  • Familiarise yourself with your yoga instructor and meet the people who will be with you on this journey

  • 1800: Sunset yoga on the shores of Lazarus Island with your instructor

  • 1900: Welcome dinner prepared on the boat

  • 2000: Conclude the day with a self-reflection as you sit under the stars on deck


Day 2, from 0600:

  • Rise and shine

  • 0700: Sunrise Yoga on the shores of Lazarus Island

  • 0800: Energise yourself with a specially prepared boat breakfast

  • 0900: Sail to Kusu Island for some exploration and quiet time

  • 11:00: Sail back to Marina

  • 1200: Self-reflection with final creation of a memento of your choice

What's included:

  • Cabins for self-reflection or more personal time for yourself (for more details on the cabin, kindly refer to our FAQ

  • At least 2 hours of yoga practice

  • Healthy meals and snacks onboard

  • 3D materials inclusive of the 3D pen you can create and take home!

  • Medically-proven sea bands to reduce sea-sickness

  • First-aid kit, inclusive of vinegar, bandages, and other medical equipment

  • 20 logged miles 

IBCS: Self Assessment Verification

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerence & Industry:

Ordinary Member

IBCS: Best Practice Procedures

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