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  • 40% off all ASA Sailing Courses! Wait, you can EVEN do it in Phuket.

    Just copy this promo code ASA40OFF but hurry and book before 31 Dec 2022 Imagine onboard this beautiful yacht In Phuket Breathtaking Sailing Heaven What are you waiting for? Click the links for the courses below and say "Hello Phuket"

  • Discover Sailing Asia Featured on Dollars and Sense

    Last week, we had the opportunity to host Michelle and her daughter, Camellia on Grommet!, a fun and enriching sailing program for children 7 and up. We're happy to hear that they enjoyed their quality time together away from the city. Read their editorial review here to find out more about their experience.

  • Discover Sailing Asia Featured on ValueChampion

    We had the pleasure of hosting Vera and Simone from ValueChampion on our 4-hour sailing taster. We're glad that they felt relaxed and had an enriching experience with us. Read the article here, to find out more about their experience and some tips before going for a sail!

  • Sailcation Featured on Expat Living!

    We were really excited to host Leanda Rathmell from Expat Living. The day started out a little cloudy. However, we got really lucky with strong winds that sent our boat heeling (when the boat tilts at an angle due to the winds in the sails). We had to take special care to ensure our drinks didn't spill! Leanda also got her hand at the wheel. She took to it really quickly and steered us towards the Southern Islands effortlessly. When we reached the Lazarus beach, Leanda and her friends changed into their swimsuits and decided to kayak to the beach with a couple drinks! Read more about Expat Living's Sailcation experience at this link!

  • Featured on The Straits Times!

    Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Boon Chan on our wildly popular 2D1N Sailcation cruise as a part of the Suite Life weekly series on different staycations in Singapore. We faced stormy weathers in the beginning but thankfully it soon started to clear up and he was able to get a full experience with some kayaking. He even got the chance to get behind the wheel! Photo courtesy of Theon Aw Read more about his experience here!

  • Discover Sailing Asia on Frontline 前线追踪; SGRediscover

    How is Discover Sailing Asia preparing for SG Rediscover? In collaboration with EU Holidays, we answer this question to the folks at Frontline 前线追踪.

  • Discover Sailing Asia Featured on The Travel Intern's YouTube Channel

    This week, we had the chance to host Chao Rui and Shairel on a two-day one-night sailcation to the Singapore Southern Islands. They had a really great time kayaking, stand-up paddling, watching the sunset and tucking in to our captain's delicious cooking! Learn more about their experience on our boat here.

  • Discover Sailing Asia on NIKKEI Asia

    A thought-provoking piece was written by NIKKEI Asia writer Mayuko commenting on how restless Singaporeans deal with the boredom of staying within the borders. But with a little exploration, one would soon realize that if even if they can't take to the skies - a plethora of adventures awaits for them at sea! Photo courtesy of Leonard Lim and his family.

  • Discover Sailing Asia Gets Interviewed with CNA938

    On the 18th of September, DSA had the honor of being interviewed on CNA938's Morning Show, Money Mind - speaking about Staycations at Sea. Our CEO, Chong Wei Yong, spoke on numerous topics pertaining to yacht cruises that have both been a blessing and a curse to travel. He highlighted the unique experience that came with sailing and the sudden appreciation that arose from it during the travel ban as more Singaporeans looked towards home for a unique travel experience. He noted that out of all our packages, it seems that our 2D1N Sailing Staycation package was at a tie with our 3HR Sailing Experience. Wei Yong also touched on some personal stories such as his experience in sailing across different countries and his motivations for starting Discover Sailing Asia. He notes the difficulties COVID-19 has imposed upon the company but also highlights the joys of sailing that encourages him to continue sailing - much to the envy of the CNA hosts. Overall, the 15-minute segment was a light-hearted and educational focus at the insights of running a yacht company amidst a pandemic. For the listeners who missed it, you can catch DSA's interview in the video below.

  • Discover Sailing Asia Gets Featured on 8Days!

    Always happy to have to have guests joining us for sun set sails, this time round we had the honor of sailing with Jasmine from 8Days! Along with a friend, Jasmine tried out our two-days one-night sailing staycation package - equipped with brief sailing lessons and a tour of St John's Island on the second day. Click here to read more of her beautifully written piece!

  • Ishigaki - Keelung Friendship Regatta - Offshore Sailing Experience

    Awesome bluewater sailing and offshore experience for the group that went to Taipei / Ishigaki to take part in this Annual regatta. The 136nm bluewater passage took us about 25hrs to complete and we had everything from mirror like conditions to galeforce wind as we went rocketing into Ishigaki in the last couple of hours of the race with 30knt gusts. Memories of waking up to hoist the spinnaker on a Beneteau 40.7 in the middle of the Japan sea at 1am in the morning in 15knts of true, sitting on a mirror-like glassy sea just 2 hours later, this is something you'll never experience sailing 5 miles from the coast. You gotta go out there and live it. Well done and a pat on the back for the Offshore Bluewater sailing virgins that joined us for this one... ;) wet, cold, tired and miserable - loving it! More pictures from the event can be viewed on our facebook post !

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