southern island snorkelling 


Looking for a fun activity for your loved ones on the weekend? Join in the fun in the sun and sea with our kids edition sailing and snorkelling package! Sail down to the southern island as you watch your little one experience what it's like being a skipper for the day. Alongside reigning lines and steering the ship, kids will also get a one hour experience of snorkelling in the wide bay of Lazarus Island. 

Kindly note that prices are dynamic and subject to change if booked for guests less than 8. More information on prices during the booking process. 

for 3hr cruises

Per pax:

SGD 138 (weekdays)

SGD 168 (weekend)

duration:3hrs, 1100 to 1400

What to anticipate:

From 11 AM:

  • Depart for Lazarus Bay for snorkeling

  • 12:00: Lunch on boat

  • 13:00: Depart for the Marina


What's Included: 

  • Refreshments and snacks onboard 

  • At least 2 hours of sailing (our skipper will teach your child and you some basic sailing skills)

  • 1 hour of snorkelling along the island

  • Snorkelling instructor

IBCS: Self Assessment Verification

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerence & Industry:

Ordinary Member

IBCS: Best Practice Procedures

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