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Embark on one of the world's most exciting team meetings. Come aboard, hoist the mainsail, learn sailing knots, and more! Bring your team together in a fun and challenging environment with our corporate sailing program. Leave the office behind and head to the seas for a truly memorable corporate event! 

duration: 5 HOURS

PROGRAM outline: 

  • Departure from Marina at Keppel Bay

  • The history of sailing

  • Safety equipment on board

  • How to tie sailing knots such as the figure of 8 and bowline knots

  • How to steer the boat

  • Common sailing terms used on board

  • How to furl/unfurl the jib and hoist the mainsail

  • How to tie a clove hitch

  • Man overboard procedures

  • Strength and direction of the wind

  • Tie a bowline knot

  • How to use a winch

  • How to tack and gybe

  • How to anchor a boat

  • Different sailing manoeuvres

  • End off the program with a race

Participants will get a taste of what it's like to be a skipper/captain aboard a 30ft - 45ft sailing cruiser under the guidance of experienced skippers and crew. Upon completion, participants will receive a Discover Sailing Asia certificate of completion! 


  • Maximum of 10 Pax (two groups of 5)

*Capacity subject to Covid-19 restrictions*


For more information, please contact us via email at

*Please refer to the Terms & Conditions here

*For FAQ, click here.

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